About Us

FoodiesUSA is a social networking site dedicated to foodies... People who have a passion for food and drink! It is a place to find restaurants, write reviews, share recipes and locate foodies events. It is the premier web site for Foodies!

Our Mission Statement...

Through food and drink, we bring family and friends together. Through charity we want to do all that we can so no one goes hungry.

Our Values...

FoodiesUSA values good food and drink with friends and family. We realize that food and drink, although essential, can be so much more. From a family dinner to a social gathering of hundreds, we want to bring people together to create that special moment and help those less fortunate.

Our Vision...

We share a passion for food and drink and strive to unite those who appreciate the same while helping those less fortunate. Our vision is to have the premier foodies website! Through our web site one can find restaurants, recipes, events and even other foodies to share those experiences. Our goal is to be the number one source for all foodies where finding restaurants, recipes and events is simple and fun!

Thank you for being a Foodie!

A Toast to Foodies! | FoodiesUSA.com


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